Electric Sectional Garage Doors

Add a stylish touch to your garage with our bespoke composite sectional door. Designed to match your existing exterior design, or create a unique stunning new new look, we have a style and colour combination to suit all tastes. Investment in new technology allows us to supply composite doors with variety of surface finishes and range optional glazing choices.

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Unquely Designed Sectional Garage Doors

We can offer a variety of glazing styles, with frames available in several shapes and sizes. You have complete freedom in where the windows are placed within the sections. Your sectipnal garage door can be glazed from top to bottom, left to right or across at an angle. Mixing the placement of thw windows helps achieve a stylish and unqiue design, making a real statement for the exterior of your home.

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Remote Control as Standard

Operate your electric sectional garage door simply and conveniently by radio remote control. You can have individual control of your home garage doors without sacrificing safety or security.


  • Separate control unit housing for installing on the wall or ceiling, depending on your requirements.
  • No complicated wiring required, the existing power socket in the garage is optimally suited for the power supply.
  • When installing the separate control unit housing on the wall, the interior push-button is a convenient distance from the exit door.
  • The control unit housing, which can be installed separately, makes an additional power socket and elaborate electric work unnecessary.

Electro Magnetic Lock (optional)

To give added security the Electro Magnetic Lock is applied directly into the motor preventing forced rotation of the motor. With an extra 3000 newton’s of force the lock gives you extra security and peace of mind. It will engage in any position when the operator is not active. Upon signalling from your handset, the lock releases to allow free movement of your Operator.

Alarm / Warning buzzer (optional)

The garage door alarm idenitifies a break-in attempt and sounds a loud alert signal tone. The warning buzzer, on the other hand, outputs an acoustic signal during the closing process or when the slip door is open. The active time with the slip door open is adjustable. This also allows a doorbell function (signal when entering). Pre-warning 0 before closing process also possible.

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