Electric Roller Garage Doors

Add the finishing touch to your home with an attractive garage door deigned to fit perfectly the exterior of your home. A practical, secure and durable garage door will add value to your property, while being secure, easy to operate and safe to use.

  • Vertical opening saves space inside garage on on your driveway
  • Made to Measure
  • Designed to fit your exterior
  • Insulated
  • Quieter operation than most other garage doors types
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Enjoy the Convenience of Electric Garage Doors

Electric garage doors provide a convenient alternative to a manually operated garage doors. With an electric garage doors there is no requirements for an external lock, this imporves security providing you with peace of mind as soon as the door is closed.

Whether you just want to avoid the annoyance of opening an awkward each time you put your vehicle away. Or simply avoid having to leave your car to open the garage in poor weather, installing a remote controlled electric garage door is a perfect solution.

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Remotely Operated

We supply the roller doors with two handsets for easy, remote operation. Four channel handsets can be supplied to operate up to four doors using one handset.

Heavy Duty Barrel and Security Locking

The door's aluminum barrel is lightweight but extremely strong. The honeycomb structure eliminates any deflection in the barrel even in doors at 5500mm wide. The large diameter barrel significantly increases the speed of the door operation. An additional retainer profile increases the security rating compared against traditional spring locks.

Insulated Curtain

The Roller Door is thermally insulated to help with garage warmth. The thick insulated curtain is reduces the heat loss for integral garages, or garages located beneath other rooms within your home.

Touch Screen Control Box

The system is now available with an optional, stylish touch screen control box and door monitor system. The new control box includes a touch screen with LED light, battery status monitor, safety edge status and other indicators. In addition to the standard features extras such as an alarm, touch screen keypad, smart phone operation and a wireless door entry are available.


For added security an Alarm can be fitted to the door to sound if the system detects it is being tampered with, or  forcefully/manually opened. Note: The alarm requires installation of a Door Monitoring System (DMS) to function.

Battery Backup

The optional Battery Backup system is designed to provide normal operation for your door during the event of a power failure. 

Complimentary Laminated Colours

Select the same laminated finish that is often applied to doors, windows and conservatories. The laminated colours available allow us to compliment the appearance of your property. 

The multi-layer laminated provides a far greater protection against sunlight and weathering, ensuring your colours and wood grains are protected from fading through the seasons. This ensures the visual appearance will be maintained and last longer than inferior paint finished roller doors.

Superior Thermal Insulation

The external foil coating on the garage door creates a thermal barrier. Coupled with solar shield technology the doors are kept much cooler – even with darker colours. The laminated colours greatly reduce expansion which can occur in extended periods of heat throughout the summer.

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